Frankenstein Porsche by Danton Kustoms

Frankenstein Porsche by Danton Kustoms - TheArsenale

Véhicule and TheArsenale are proud to present Alexandre Danton's latest automotive creation, establishing their first collaboration. Years in the making, the French hot-rodder's radically divisive brainchild is, at its core, half open-air Porsche and half force-fed Bentley.

Released under the guise of Danton Arts Kustoms, the once-911 is cartoon-like in proportion — its low-slung roofline and segmented body fight with the staggered, outboard wheels and tires for attention, all while delicately mediating expectations, preconceived notions and reality itself. Danton's hot rod is a veritable masterclass in avant-garde transportation. It, in itself, is transformative — transformative not only in its disparate origins and the act of reconstitution as a single entity, but also in its play on perception. Attention is drawn and instantly diverted, every element of its construction at once calling for rationalization and basking in its own outspokenness.

Despite harmony between its constituent parts being unexpected, it is effortlessly, and inexplicably, achieved. The Danton Arts Kustoms 911 is currently on view at TheArsenale, Pat Meignan's premier social retail platform dedicated purely to mobility. TheArsenale and Véhicule — leaders in the sphere of avant-garde transportation — have teamed up for this special presentation in Miami, which features works by both Danton and Véhicule.

After the initial display at TheArsenale at the Design District, the car is for display at Miami Supercar Rooms. 

pics by @jaflavia for @vehiculemagazine art direction @christopherkippenberger driver @xxxxelo