FUTUR-E, an exceptional system that masterfully merges the technological advancement from the boating, automobile, and aviation industry to craft an eco-friendly future for marine travel. Central to this revolution is a kinematic system drawn from automotive inspirations, akin to Formula 1 car suspensions. The system utilizes electro-hydraulic actuators to control the foils independently, guided by a gyroscope-equipped control unit. Designed for simplicity and user-friendliness, the system does not intrude into the boat’s framework, making maintenance hassle-free even when the boat is afloat. Its handling mirrors that of a high-end sports car, setting new standards in the boating ecosystem.

The avant-garde design of FUTUR-E is a testament to forward-thinking boat creation. Sculpted the same way supercars are, FUTUR-E embodies style, sophistication, and functionality. The foils are intricately incorporated in the boat’s formation, reducing clutter while enhancing aesthetics. The interior hosts a dashboard armed with wrap-around screens, housing all essential navigation and motor data, offering a seamless experience for a pilot and three passengers.

The FUTUR-E system is a crossbreed of power and panache. It presents two powertrain options: the first involves outboard engines, and the second is an inboard engine coupled to a surface propeller propulsion. The carefully calibrated power packages enable FUTUR-E to cut through the waters at speeds over 30 knots. The Foil Assisted Mode engages at 8 knots and transitions to Full Foiling Mode at 16 knots, striking a low impact on the water's drag coefficient.

The FUTUR-E system genuinely encapsulates the essence of an eco-boat. Built with 100% recycled fiber and recycled foam reinforcements, this carbon-neutral creation promotes safe and sustainable seafaring. The zero-emission electric motors are a testament to FUTUR-E's sustainable credentials. Furthermore, all materials used in the construction are recyclable, contributing to the ecosystem. The pairing of technological innovation and eco-conscious design indeed sets the FUTUR-E foiling system to sail as the torchbearer of sustainable marine travel.