Geneinno S2: lighter, cheaper, better

Geneinno S2: lighter, cheaper, better - TheArsenale

Geneinno first made headlines with their Trident underwater scooter which we proudly carry in our online and physical store. Now called the S1, the Trident is the perfect scooter to take you down to 50 meters of depth for about an hour at 7 km/h. 

The S2 is a lighter version that provides 10kg of thrust from its dual 350-watt motors. It can go up to 30 meters of depth at speeds up to 4.3 km/h for a total of 45 minutes of underwater exploration. At a weight of only 2.7kg, it costs only $399 and you can soon order it from our store. As usual, it has a companion iOS/Android app to monitor speed, depth and battery life. You can also record your underwater adventures with a GoPro thanks to the integrated mount on the S2. Check it out in action below.