Hyundai Kite Concept - From Buggy To Jetski

Hyundai Kite Concept - From Buggy To Jetski - TheArsenale

Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the Hyundai Kite is an electric 2-seater dune buggy that can transform into a single-seat jet ski. It's by no means amphibious in shape or design, as it would compromise each of its capabilities. Instead, it is supposed to transform and become an entirely different machine. 


The Kite is fairly simple in construction, it has no doors, roof or windows. It uses a brushless electric hub drive on land and an electric water jet drive on water. There is no indication on how the Kite can transform into a jet ski so we're stuck asking all the right questions. Where do the wheels go? What about the extra seat? Where is the water drive jet? 


Designed in collaboration with IED in Italy, the Kite is a daring concept that goes out of the ordinary. It was one of the most interesting things displayed at the Geneva Motor Show and despite leaving us full of doubts, we can't help but love it.