Infiniti Prototype 10 Concept

Infiniti Prototype 10 Concept - TheArsenale

The Infiniti Prototype 10 brings back the layout and design of some of the most evocative car designs of all time, where power was celebrated through high-powered single-seat competition cars, this was the statement by executive design director for Infiniti Karim Habib.


The fact that it’s all-electric is a nice touch and also allows the vehicle’s front-end to be designed like a projectile as opposed to an aggressive mouth hiding a radiator behind. Inspired by the potential of electric performance, the Prototype 10 concept redefines the classic speedster to represent our passion for thrilling performance and pure driving pleasure while also demonstrating the possibilities of our future powertrain technologies. Prototype 10 will inspire new pure electric and e-POWER vehicles — harnessing the full potential of ultra-low emission technology.


As a prototype, the car doesn’t have to do anything but look cool and it easily accomplishes that feat. It truly does look like the natural evolution of an old race car from the 1950s. Prototype 10’s performance is expressed by its low speedster layout and confident proportions. Its long bonnet and open cockpit are contrasted by a dramatic fin behind the driver’s seat.