Inside Ken Block's Hoonigan garage

Inside Ken Block's Hoonigan garage - TheArsenale

Many professional pilots usually own imposing garages, arrays of classic and modern supercars. Thinking about it, what comes to mind are exclusive luxury brands, but the personal garage of Ken Block, former WRC pilot, stuntman and entrepreneur is not one of them. Ken has a real obsession for Fords, especially vintage ones.


Hoonigan Racing Division is Ken’s team in WRC races and other stunt projects, and the most famous one is the notorious, yearly ‘Gymkhana’, which is now a 10 years old tradition. Their headquarter is located in Park City, Utah, and it hosts one of the most beautiful high-speed art pieces collection around.

Besides the surely impressive Focus’ and Fiestas he used in almost every Gymkhana, you can find many other impressive and totally unique cars: main piece is the 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, protagonist of Gymkhana 7 and then upgraded to a 1400 horsepower beast on purpose for the project ‘Climbkhana: Pikes Peak’, styled in both the two versions by RTR.


Surprises are not finished yet since the huge car collection includes a ‘78 Escort Mk2 RS by Quick Motorsport UK and an amazing 700BHP 1986 RS200, built to compete in the Group B era of the World Rally Championship.

Rookie of the year is the ‘77 F-150 Hoonitruck, created for Gymkhana 10 and also as a tribute to his father who had the exact same base truck back in the day, even if we don’t think his dad’s used to have more than 900BHP.

Ken’s love for trucks is also confirmed by 2013 F-150 RaptorTRAX, built for a Monster Energy collab video (which he never declines to use also for some snowy sunday rides, by the way), and his wife’s ’74 restored Bronco.

Anyway, as many comes, others goes: ‘91 Ford Escort RS Cosworth ended up in flames at the New England Forest Rally in july, even though rumors says he’s already bulding a new one. We just can’t stop thinking about the only missing piece to this ultimate Ford customs museum: a GT. But everybody knows that Ken adores to amaze its enthusiasts fanbase.