Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter Concept

Jeep M-715 Five-Quarter Concept - TheArsenale

Back in 1968, the M-715 Gladiator was Jeep's workhorse for military service. A tested and proven platform, it was the pinnacle of milspec vehicles at the time. In a rush of nostalgia, Jeep decided to bring back the military vibes of the M-715 in their latest concept.

The Five-Quarter Concept is based exactly on this platform, it's the same but oh so much different. Under the hood, a 6.2L Hellcat engine pushes out 700 hp. Upfront, the steel has been replaced with lightweight carbon fiber. While the original frame is kept, it has been reinforced and the rear leaf springs have been dished out in favor of a link and coilover live axle; notching the front axle two inches ahead.

This concept mixes Jeep's trialed and tested platforms with a modern look and performance; a combination that ticks so many of our boxes. We don't expect it to see it hit the streets soon but we do appreciate the guts of Jeep for exploring our automotive fantasies.