Jetman Team Succeeds in First-Ever Human Winged Flight

Jetman Team Succeeds in First-Ever Human Winged Flight - TheArsenale

The Jetman team successfully demonstrated their VTOL capabilities last December and is now back to show us that human flight is closer than ever. 

This demonstration showed how it can transition from an electronically balanced hover to fast winged flight in a few seconds. As soon as it turned into this mode, pilot Vince Reffet headed into the skies at incredible speeds. Unlike other companies that are taking jet-powered vehicles to the skies, Jetman takes the pilot itself using a very light machine that makes jet flight super-efficient and fast, up to 400 km/h fast.


We can see the pilot head up to the skies at a latitude of 1,800 m at incredible speeds. After performing a few tricks in the open sky, Reffet pulls the cord for the parachute to ensure a soft landing. We can't wait for the day this technology becomes readily available with training programs so that everyone can get to enjoy the adrenaline of flying.