Kahn Design - Defender XS Station Wagon

Kahn Design - Defender XS Station Wagon - TheArsenale

Kahn Design has historically experimented with the chassis of the Defender, previously resulting in the 6x6 Huntsman. For the first time however, they have extended the front part of the chassis.

Why do you ask? Well, fitting a 6.2L V8 in the engine bay of the Defender is borderline impossible. To put everything together, they extended the front with 15 inches of length which kind of distorts the classic proportions of the iconic SUV. At first glance, it looks strange and warped but it grows on you. The rest of the car has received the usual Kahn treatment which includes multiple tasteful upgrades that complement the iconic silhouette of the Defender. To give it more road presence, both the front and rear tires receive flared fenders. The grille is also replaced with a newer and meaner design that complements the replaced headlight styling. 

Upgrades are not strictly aesthetic, as retaining this car on the road with so much power available is not an easy feat. Of course, the driving experience compromises nothing and the interior has been upgraded to offer the most luxurious ride possible in this purpose-built machine. Leather quilted seats, headliners and a Kahn Design steering wheel are all luxurious bits that complete this build. Part of the Flying Huntsman series, this Defender build is certainly more playful and brave than others; slightly altering the looks of it without losing its essence.