KNC Regera - first full carbon hypercar ever

KNC Regera - first full carbon hypercar ever - TheArsenale

We all already know the Regera, the hypercar Swedish builder Koenigsegg launched in 2016, which is probably going to replace the legendary, record-setting Agera series, started in 2010. To date, 20 units have been built of a total of 80, all of which have been sold before the production started.

The last Regera that left the Ängelholm plant is a very special one and it quickly captured everyone’s attention: it’s the first ever car finished completely in Koenigsegg Naked Carbon (KNC). We are not talking about a ‘standard’ carbon fiber chassis supercar: every single component of this majestic vehicle is made of pure carbon.

‘’KNC involves no lacquer, varnish or alternative coating being used on top of the carbon surface. The thin layer of epoxy that normally covers a high-end autoclaved cured carbon piece is carefully removed by hand polishing. This is an extremely sensitive process; one stroke too many will ruin the visible weave structure underneath the thin epoxy layer’’.

The exclusive carbon use and the lack of paints and additives are more than just an aesthetic quirk: The KNC surface is actually much less sensitive to stone chips and sharp objects causing scratches compared to conventional surface treatments. Furthermore, the exclusion of heavier materials makes the imposing 1500BHP hybrid engine giving the best of him on a 20 kilograms (44 pounds) lighter car.

But, yes! What we appreciate the most is of course the breath-taking visual impact.