Less is More with the Mokka Garelli KL50

Less is More with the Mokka Garelli KL50 - TheArsenale

Mokka has been rebuilding classic Garelli bikes for quite a while now and the Budapest garage has released a number of impressive bikes during their time. Their latest build is special as it misses quite a bit from its center part. 

Instead of it's old two-stroke engine, it now has a brushless electric motor with 5kW of power available on tap. Since it's an electric engine, the power is instantly available without a power curve, so it makes for quite a zappy ride. Thanks to a set of Sony batteries, it's able to cover 40 kilometers on a single charge. Not only does the engine make the bike run in absolute silence, it also keeps its form factor at a bare minimum. The handcrafted tank has been converted into a housing unit for all the electronics and wires which keeps the bike looking clean and modern. 

If such bikes exist, I wonder why do people in suits have to ride those atrocious electric scooters around. Given the choice, I would take this bike over anything inside the city. It's small, lightweight, silent and quick. It ticks all the boxes for an urban commuter and we hope that Mokka expands their production with this bike as we would be the first to sign up for one. 

Image credits to Mokka Cycles & BikeShed