Lexani EXTV Kalahari - Luxury, everywhere

Lexani EXTV Kalahari - Luxury, everywhere - TheArsenale

Lexani Motorcars is one of the few brave companies to take-apart a Rolls-Royce and then customize it for you. They focus on creating luxurious machines that range from Toyota SUVs to luxurious Mercedes-Benz Sprinters. 


The Kalahari is their rather rugged 4x4 option, based on a Sprinter. It is built for adventurers who seek luxurious living even on the go, no matter where. Based on the Sprinter 4x4, the van is capable of going pretty much anywhere you'd like to in the most stylish way possible. The exterior features a camouflage and striped livery that further adds to the rugged looks. Black coated wheels are wrapped in off-road tires for grip in every surface. An remote-controlled tent is located on one side to provide shade in those sunny days. There are LED light bars on every side of the van to illuminate the whole area you're camping for extra security.


Unsurprisingly, the best part of the van lays on the inside of it. It features a kitchenette, capable of cooking the most delicious mobile meals. Storage cabinets are scattered all around to store all of your clothing and gear. Beds come in convertible form, so you can comfortably use them as sofas for the daytime and then rest inside of them. Two posh seats are positioned right behind the driver and passenger seat if you're traveling with extra crew members; and you can also fully lay them down for a comfortable seat-bed experience. If you're a fan of sports, you have the option of adding equipment for skiing, mountain biking and more.


While most offroad campers focus on being good enough to handle rough terrain, Lexani makes sure that you reach your destination in the most luxurious way possible. For those looking to take luxury even in the most remote places, the Kalahari seems to be the best choice.