Lilium Jet by Lilium Aviation

Lilium Jet by Lilium Aviation - TheArsenale

Lilium is the first company to have successfully passed the flight tests with an electric VTOL jet. VTOL stands for Vertical Take-Off and Landing; which means the Lilium Jet can take of from practically any flat surface. The rigorous testing included complex aerial maneuvers and the signature mid-air transition of the Lilium Jet; from hover mode to wing-borne forward flight.

The Lilium Jet has a capacity of up to 5 people, allowing for transport as much as 5-times faster than a car. This makes the aircraft a potential level-up for traditional taxis; enter aerial taxis. It can basically land and take off from anywhere; and can effortlessly fly up to 300km/h; for 300 kilometers. The simplicity of the aircraft starts with the body composition; a rigid winged body with 12 flaps; each one carrying three electric jet engines. The flaps can then tilt vertically and horizontally to seamlessly change flight modes. 

The whole concept of the Lilium Jet was simplicity; and it's easy to see. It uses no gearboxes, no water-cooling, no aerodynamic steering flaps and no foldable pitch propellers. The electric engines can tilt by themselves thus removing the need for external components. They can also provide differential thrust, removing the need for a stabilizing tail. 

Lilium Jet has seen the likes of Tesla join among their team; which means they mean business. They have set higher standards for aviation and transportation; creating what possibly is the future of transportation itself. Designed with safety in mind, it can safely land vertically even with multiple engine failures due to the ultra-redundancy concept used to built it. The Lilium Jet is quiet, safe, efficient and ultra-accessible; which is what transportation of today aims to be.