LMX-161-H - A barebones electric bike

LMX-161-H - A barebones electric bike - TheArsenale

Meet the LMX-161-H - An Electric Bicycle/Dirt Bike Hybrid, built in France by two young engineers the LMX 161-H is described as an electric freeride motorcycle. The 161-H is built on an ultra-lightweight aluminum 6061 frames and its designed primarily for off-road use.


The bike's power plant is a zingy brushless DC electric motor which is equipped with a Kelly controller. This amazing bike has two riding modes Eco and Boost. Lmx says that the whole package frame, motor, suspensions, etc weigh nearly 100 pounds a pretty amazing feat of engineering. The motorcycle comes with a 600-watt charger and it can be charged completely in three hours. With a full battery charged you are capable of riding with around 40 miles or about two hours of a hard road in Eco mode.


So far, the LMX 161H is in fact a motorcycle; even if much of its running gear is typical mountain bike parts. In Europe, the bike can be registered in the L1e-B class, which includes mopeds and scooters with power up to 4 kW and top speed up to 45 km/h (28 mph). The retail price of LMX 161 is set at 6.500€ (approximately US$7,600).