Max Hazan Builds Turbocharged Motus V4 Flat Racer

Max Hazan Builds Turbocharged Motus V4 Flat Racer

If there is one guy who knows how to build bikes entirely by hand, it is Maxwell Hazan. The latest build coming from the artisan is this personal one dubbed "The Salt Shaker".

Built to go as fast as possible on the salt flats, the bike came as a collaboration between Haas and Hazan. Built atop a custom frame, the bike uses streamliner-inspired bodywork to reduce its drag as much as possible. The engine choice is rather eclectic, a 1,650cc pushrod V4 from the Motus Motorcycles' MST. In stock form, the engine makes about 180hp but it was not enough so Hazan added a Garrett GT28R turbocharger making it output from 250hp to 270hp. At only 625lbs, the bike makes an insane amount of power for that weight. 

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