Meet XTND, the Tesla of Longboards

Meet XTND, the Tesla of Longboards - TheArsenale

Tesla brought a revolution in the automotive world, integrating revolutionary ideas in a previously thought impossible package. XTND is exactly the Tesla of the e-longboard game. It is full of intelligent features never seen before on a longboard.

xtnd electric longboard

Let's start with the look and design of the XTND. The bodywork is a slick curvature, with no visible nuts or bolts. It is a clean blend of functionality and design. Sitting flush with the carbon deck, the battery pack is seamlessly integrated. There are no visible bumps or irregularities in the board surface. The wide tires of the XTND give it a low-laying profile, a sense of safety even at high speeds. 

xtnd electric longboard side view

The most impressive part of the XTND is it's arsenal of features. It aims to be a smart life companion, a friend that gets you from A to B in the best way possible. The XTND has integrated AI & Machine Learning software. It collects data while you are riding, and uses the data to create a tailored riding experience that best suits your needs. Not only does it work better, it also protects you by looking out for you while you learn how to ride. Standing incorrectly on the board can be detected by the board and it won't move until you have the correct posture. As time passes, it will optimize its performance by learning and teaching you how to ride it. By tracking your usual routes, it will eventually improve the ride quality by choosing better roads to get there. 

xtnd electric longboard riding

Safety is a key priority in an urban environment, especially when exposed to traffic. XTND has a ambient light detector that turns on the integrated lights. When night time falls, the rear and front of the XTND shine up to let everyone know you are riding the coolest longboard of them all. The rear light turns on when you brake, much like a car. This allows drivers behind you to anticipate your actions therefore keeping you safer on the road. The carbon deck is full of pressure sensors that sense incorrect posture and automatically triggers the braking system when you step off the board. It also servers as an automatic off switch. The XTND will turn off after 10 minutes of idling to save battery. Covered in a smooth material, the carbon deck weighs only 3 kg. You can easily carry it anywhere without it being a hassle.

xtnd electric longboard carrying

No buttons are found on the board, the remote control takes care of everything. The remote is ergonomically shaped after your hand and seamlessly packs LED indicators and vibration feedback. You can also alter your speed by using the remote. To charge the remote, simply place it on the logo on the board and the beautiful force of magnetism will keep it in place. XTND packs a bunch of security features too. It has a GPS tracking measure that will show you the exact location of the board at any time. If you lock the board with the remote and it is moved without authorization, it won't start and the you can easily track the location of the board with the GPS through the mobile app.

xtnd electric longboard remote

The performance of the XTND is on par with the features it packs. The customized high-performance brushless motors power up the board up to 45 km/h. Thanks to the rotating drum, neodymium magnets and hall sensors the motors put out an impressive 1,800 W of power. To help with battery life, the board features regenerative braking motors that recharge as you brake. Speaking of the battery, it takes only 30 minutes to get a 75% battery life. Within an hour, you got a full charge that will give you a 20 km range. The battery is swappable so you can buy different battery packs that will double the range in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the high-performance motors, the XTND can handle 20% hills with ease. 

xtnd electric longboard at speed

The future of transportation is here, a handheld urban commuter that is smart and grows around you. As you ride it, it learns to develop a relationship with you that will make riding a breeze. You will feel safe and confident at high speeds thanks to the army of features packed inside. If you're a boarding enthusiast, or whether you want to make your daily commute much more exciting and safe; get the XTND longboard. 

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