Mercedes Benz Revives The Past with the Vision Simplex

Mercedes Benz Revives The Past with the Vision Simplex - TheArsenale

Back in 1901, the Mercedes-Benz 35 PS stole the show at Race Week in Nice; forever setting the ground for what automobiles of the future would eventually shape up to become. What better starting grounds for a futuristic concept than this stepping stone in automotive history?

Dubbed the Vision Mercedes Simplex, the futuristic representation of the past bears clear similarities between its predecessor. Featuring a rose gold frame, the bodywork is a two-tone concoction of black and white. The bench seat features blue leather that is quilted in a Chesterfield pattern, certainly a great compliment to the posh feeling of this concept. The steering column protrudes out and the instrument panel is elegantly brutal, simply positioned on the dash similar to a motorcycle. Striking across the rear is a filament stoplight. Although the car is built for show purposes only, it has four electric motors built inside the wheel hubs that protrude externally.

This ode to classic automotive design is certainly welcome. It is fun to see manufacturers explore and play with the design cues they have stacked under 1000s of design books and ideas and this certainly is a well-executed one.