Mobius II SUV - Cheap, affordable and nearly indestructible

Mobius II SUV - Cheap, affordable and nearly indestructible - TheArsenale

Kenya-based Mobius Motors is launching the Mobius ll SUV which is constructed exactly for driving on rough roads with heavy loads. Founded by British computer engineer Joel Jackson; Mobius Motors is a solution for the high demand for a simple and efficient vehicle in Kenya for rural farmers and transporters.


This simpleton beast has an engine that makes 131hp mated to a five- speed manual gearbox. This high-efficiency engine combines 16 valves and variable valve timing to drive increased torque at lower engine speeds while also delivering top-end power and fuel economy. Up front the Mobius ll has double wishbone suspension while at the rear it featured a live axle with leaf springs. The suspensions of Mobius ll SUV are constructed exactly for driving in the variable road terrain of Africa also the space-frame architecture provides passenger protection and supports the optimal weight.


When it comes to prize this absolute beast costs 1.3 million Kenyan shillings (around 12.500$). It also uses off-the-shelf parts for easy maintenance. Mobius Motors really thinks that this vehicle is just the right car for the African continent. Everything that describes this vehicle matches with continent's ground and that's the main reason why they make that claim. Its just a fearless beast built and designed for the unique demands of the African customer. The Mobius ll is rugged, modern and iconic and it fits perfectly in rugged rural environments or in comfortable city streets. Mobius also believes that the best products bring order to complexity and deliver a frictionless user experience in a beautiful form.