Narke Electric Jet Ski - Hear the waves

Narke Electric Jet Ski - Hear the waves - TheArsenale

One of the most popular summer toys for the summer is a jet ski and despite electric motor technology going as far as we've ever imagined; we've never seen an electric jet ski. Yes there is the stand up Free Form jet ski purchased by Nikola Motors by it's not exactly the same.


The Narke seems to borrow design cues from military stealth fighter jets, full of sharp lines and an aggressive frontal profile. Even the hull is pointy, designed to be as sharp as possible and it's a key difference in design compared to ICE jet skis. The structure is built out of reinforced carbon fiber for ultimate rigidity and weight saving. Powered vy a 45 kW AC in-house designed motor; the Narke goes up to 55 km/h and charges from 0 to 80% in 2 hours. The battery is claimed to handle an hour and a half of normal use. Information is displayed on a digital display which even comes with Bluetooth connectivity. 


Narke has been testing the jet ski in Budapest and the model is confirmed for mass production. One of the biggest drawbacks would be its limited speed; which is slower than some of the smaller conventional jet skis in the market. Battery life is also a concern because jet skis are known to be pushed to their limits and not ridden calmly as Narke would suggest. However, this is the first model and things can only get better from here.