New Land Rover Defender 4x4

New Land Rover Defender 4x4 - TheArsenale
In 2016, after 67 years of production, the brilliant Land Rover Defender finally retired. Tighter emission values ​​ensured that Land Rover had to stop with its iconic 4 × 4. But ... the successor is almost here. In a teaser, the British brand announces that the new Defender will return to the US in a small New York tour as a precursor to 2020. Although the revelation will probably already be in 2019. The details we know are very minimal, except that the Defender tests are already in progress. It still has to become the most hardcore off-roader of the brand, which has to work at minus 40 degrees Celsius and at around 50 degrees in the plus. And at a max height of almost four kilometers. Add to that a completely new and more modern interior and exterior and an expected (optional) hybrid powertrain and you have one of the most important rebirths on four wheels of the last decades. Land Rover's has given an official statement for this beast saying: “With an all-new exterior and interior design, as well as a suite of the latest driver assistance and connectivity features available, the next-generation Defender will be a revolutionary product for Land Rover with even broader public appeal.”