The Nightwolf – a product of Alpha Motor Corporation – is an innovative electric edition born out of Alpha's mass-produced Wolf truck. Nightwolf is a direct response to the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) market aiming to meet the evolving demands of consumers. Inspired by consumer preference and the rising need for easy customization in the automotive industry, Nightwolf anticipates providing a solution that meets specific customer desires. Alpha’s commitment extends to offering diverse EV options. It has been tested in the Southern California desert showcasing its off-road capabilities and proved successful under arid conditions with temperatures exceeding 100°F.

Engineered to cater to outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, Nightwolf combines eco-conscious design with power, offering a thrilling off-road experience. Its body-on-frame construction with durable lightweight materials ensures improved energy efficiency. Importantly, the vehicle has a low center of gravity due to strategic battery placement that enhances handling and responsiveness. Nightwolf accommodates aftermarket component integration, allowing users to customize their EVs to suit specific activities, such as camping or overlanding. Users can mount extra equipment including camping gear, tents, or even portable grills, essentially making the vehicle a perfect mobile campsite.

Nightwolf is replete with a range of innovative features to boost its performance and versatility. The truck boasts a solar-powered truck cap that uses adjustable solar panels to harness sunlight, which can potentially extend the daily range of the vehicle by 15-20 miles and reduce frequent charging needs. The vehicle comes fitted with 17" Black Rhino Atlas wheels, made for off-road situations, and a lighting system powered by KC Lights. Users will appreciate industry-leading gear such as roof-mounted 83L rugged cases from ROAM Adventure Co for outdoor gear storage and the Delta Pro Shovel by DMOS Collective – a lightweight professional-grade tool designed for intense outdoor use.