Nikola NTZ™ - World's fastest UTV

Nikola NTZ™ - World's fastest UTV - TheArsenale

The NZT™ made a wild entrance into the UTV market by smashing its competition. How? Electric power. 

Their UTVs have engines of up to 440kW with 0-60 times of 3.5s. The NZT is incredibly powerful so it has to be incredibly safe as well. A 2" roll cage made from military grade steel is installed atop a rugged chassis ready to handle your insane driving.

The battery has a range of 90-150 miles, depending on which battery option you choose. It takes only three hours to charge the battery and get you going for more fun. The NZT also offers substantial space when compared to other UTVs of the same size. There's also a 12.2" infotainment system, in a UTV!

Thanks to its electric powerplant it requires no air to operate, making it fully waterproof. You can choose to order the NZT with four different power levels, from 280 to an insane 590 hp. It also requires no money to reserve yours, what are you waiting for? Scooch over to Nikola Motors.