Opener BlackFly - Electric VTOL Aircraft for the Masses

Opener BlackFly - Electric VTOL Aircraft for the Masses - TheArsenale

Displayed at AirVenture Oshkosh, the BlackFly by Silicon Valley's Opener is a new concept for a personal aircraft that won't even require a pilot's license if it makes it out in the public market.


Designed to take off from both grassy and flat lands, the BlackFly is one of the easiest to control aircrafts in the world. It can also land and take-off from freshwater as long as the water surface is relatively calm. Opener calls it a personal aircraft and it is controlled by a single joystick in a fly-by-wire configuration. A person as tall as 198 cm and weighing up to 100 kg can easily fly in the aircraft. Despite not requiring a license, it will require passing a training and vehicle familiarization procedure as well as passing the written pilot exam of FAA


The BlackFly is made for calm weather conditions; no rain, strong winds and freezing temperatures. However, it is made to revolutionize three dimensional transport in rural areas. In these areas where roads might not always be a viable option, the BlackFly fits like a glove. Stealthily developed in Canada from 2009, the aircraft saw its first takeoff in Ontario in 2014. After successful testing, the venture's offices hit the road to get to Silicon Valley where they ensured the support of Larry Page as a "strategic backer". With a price point comparable to that of a modern SUV, the BlackFly wants us to rethink transportation by making flight a common way to get around.