Peugeot Revives Iconic 504 with the e-Legend

Peugeot Revives Iconic 504 with the e-Legend - TheArsenale

The e-Legend by Peugeot is a revival of their classic DNA, based off the legendary 504. Exploring the future of driving, design and technology; Peugeot created a car that is as good at maintaining heritage traits as well as evolution of their cars. 


Differentiating from their usual design, the car takes a muscular pony shape borrowed by the classic power cruisers of the 70s that the US fueled us with. The sensual and aggressive silhouette mixes design elements that revive one of Peugeot's leading joyrides; the 405 Coupé. The interior is a futuristic experience that borrows the Responsive i-Cockpit for a fully immersive driving experience. Unlike its classic counterpart, it uses a high tech electric power train. 340 kW of power and 800 Nm of torque are instantly available. This leads to a 0-100 time of less than four seconds and a top speed of 220 km/h. Thanks to the 100 kWh batteries, 600 km of range is available with 500 km of it being charged in only 25 minutes. 


This concept is an intense and refined experience of driving, offering the driver the chance to control the way he wants to drive the car or the way the car drives itself. There are four driving modes. The two autonomous modes are Soft, which is a comfortable riding mode and Sharp which is an accurate and dynamic vehicle control with connections to all your resources such as social networks, schedule and more. Manual modes include Legend, a cruising mode with classic 504 dials on the dash and Boost, a dynamic driving experience thanks to the powerful electric motor. The road is projected on a single large screen. For automatic modes, the wheel is withdrawn under the sound bar for a full view of the 48" display. 


Set to display in the Paris Motor Show of 2018, the e-Legend will make its first debut in the French capital. Hopefully we will see these on the road, modern technology with classic design is like a perfectly crafted cocktail.