Peugeot x Beneteau Sea Drive Concept

Peugeot x Beneteau Sea Drive Concept - TheArsenale

In development of their successful i-Cockpit® system, Peugeot has paired with Beneteau; a world leader in leisure craft industry. Designed and built by Peugeot Design Lab, the Sea Drive Concept is a functional demonstration of i-Cockpit®'s ability to interconnect with Ship Control® by Beneteau. The cockpit system allows for a intuitive, natural handling while the naval controls help it perform on water. By blending the best of both worlds, this concept aims to peek into the future of the boating industry.

Peugeot has used the i-Cockpit® system on more than four million cars since its conception in 2012. By revolutionizing the interior experience of vehicles, Peugeot has given drivers the ability to thoroughly enjoy the driving experience. The amazing design language and concepts can be transferred to other fields too and their partnership with Beneteau is living proof. 

By combining Ship Control with i-Cockpit, the Sea Drive concept is one of the most pleasant to drive crafts. The i-Cockpit® system provided a compact steering wheel, a large 17-inch touchscreen that displays Ship Control® interface, a folding display panel with navigational information and toggle switches on both sides of the wheel for direct access.

Ship Control® on the other hand is an intelligent solution for naval information that provides onboard lighting, A/C controls, navigation information, battery levels, fuel levels, electrical management, bilge pump management, HiFi sound system and complete engine controls.

The computational functionality of the Ship Control paired with the i-Cockpit® interface offer a glimpse into the future of boat's steering and paving the way for intelligent powerboat interior design.