Pininfarina Scilla Concept

Pininfarina Scilla Concept - TheArsenale

When IED, Pininfarina and Quattroporte join efforts to create a concept car; you know something cool is coming. Unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, the Scilla stole the crowd away with its futuristic design and zero-emission operation.

Named after a Greek myth representing a blue-eyed nymph that was transformed into a sea monster by Glauco, the son of Zeus; the Scilla borrows styling cues from underwater predators. A side view reveals a smooth silhouette gently curving over the A-pillar, breaking all the conventional design shapes of today. The front is relatively flat and wide and starts to narrow down the end of the vehicle, which will probably be a huge help in aerodynamic performance. 

Designed with semi-autonomous operation in mind; the Scilla was first conceived as a road glider, a technological escape from the hypothetical roads of 2030. Measuring at 4,55 m long and 1,95 m wide; it features a 1+1 seat layout that draws inspiration from seating schemes of aeronautical vehicles. Coordinated by Alessandro Cipolli, the students of IED joined efforts to create the perfect design outside and in. The Scilla has an electric plug-in powertrain with brush-less engines in the rear wheels that provide excellent control and traction on the ground. It also features a smart steering wheels that surveys the driving and determines dangerous and critical situations.

Whether the car will become a reality or not is certain but what's certain is the visible shift in automotive design. As technology advances, conventional shapes and design patterns are starting to diminish. Crazy aerodynamic shapes are starting to emerge as a trend and the Scilla embodies the language of future design in the best way possible.

pininfarina scilla side viewpininfarina scilla rear 3/4 viewpininfarina scilla rear detailing