Porsche 911 991 Speedster

Porsche 911 991 Speedster - TheArsenale

‘’Many things must change if everything is to stay the same’’. This famous line from the novel ‘The Leopard’ it’s not actually Porsche’s slogan even though it would perfectly fit the brand’s philosophy. The reason is clear: the delicate restylings Stuttgart designers implement year after year to one of the most long-lived models of automotive history, do not even make you notice that the newly unveiled 992 911 is actually a ‘60s car in the digital age.

The 992 represents the seventh generation of the 911 genealogy, the fourth since the debated (and unavoidable) introduction of the liquid cooled engine. The new 911 series is not the most awaited, recent news about posche though. The lately presented 991 Speedster embodies all of the precious heritage of such a prestigious nickname.

The word speedster, is not very clear, in truth, and its actual meaning blur itself with other synonyms and inflated terms like 'spyder', 'targa' or 'cabriolet', used to describe a drop top version of an original coupé vehicle. Well it doesn’t really matter; the one thing that does is that the few models Porsche put into operation with the ‘Speedster’ mention have been very different from the other cabrio ones ever since.

The first was, of course, the iconic 356, which is impossible not to mention in this context such as the 964. Lately a speedster version of the 993 and the 997 appeared at world’s car shows and on automotive magazines. The last is what is going to be the final version of the 991.

Showed as a preview in june for the 70th anniversary of the company (it will be actually produced in exactly 1948 models), was definetly unveiled in october at the Paris Motor Show. Main features of this stunning cars are the same of every Speedster: lowered windshield, the distinguishing back humps and pumped-up muscles. In fact, despite being based on a standard 991 cabriolet chassis, it is equipped with the 500 BHP well-known GT3 RS aspirated 4L.