Porsche Soon to Offer 3D Printed Seats

Porsche Soon to Offer 3D Printed Seats - TheArsenale

Performance cars often punch under the belt with seating, focusing mainly on function over form. This leaves some supercars looking stale on the inside compared to their lush exteriors. Porsche decided it was time to change the norm, developing their 3D-Printed Bodyform Bucket Seat.

With their talented design team behind this system, customers will be able to customize the seating in their car like never before. Not only can the look be customized but drivers can now alter the shape depending on their driving style and preference. Thanks to a custom 3D lattice structure and "Racetex" cover, the new seats will offer upgraded breathability and comfort. Porsche is manufacturing 40 protoype seats that will be used on race tracks in Europe mated to a six-point seat belt. After feedback is gathered, Porsche will be further developing it for manufcaturing it out of their Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur from mid-2021.