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The innovative Danish yachtbuilding company RAND Boats once again sets new standards for electric yachts.

As one would expect from RAND, the new RAND Sport 26 is a sporty boat full of unseen technological advancements. Features include an electric fold-out bimini top, a button operated bathing ladder, an automatically ejecting anchor and many more. Measuring at 8 meters long, the Sport 26 weighs just over 1100 kg sans-engine. RAND Boat takes pride in their electric powered yachts but they also offer different engine options to suit every possible need. There are three different engine configurations; a Gasoline outboard engine with 115-350 hp, an inboard diesel & gasoline engine with 170-350 hp and two different electric engines, inboard and outboard. They put out 80-160 hp and 80 hp respectively.

The deck of the Sport 26 has received quite a lot of attention; with premium materials covering the seating areas and basically everything else. Elegant wood panels cover the floor, mini-kitchen and the mini-table. There are 12 seating spaces together with the designated captain. The small kitchen has a household size refrigerator and a built-in champagne cooler for the lucky passengers. Features of the Sport 26 are truly unveiled here, with underwater LED-light panels, a complete cabin and cockpit central heating, a hi-fi system and many more; which are all controlled by a touchscreen located in the infotainment system.''

RAND Sport 26 is set to hit the market in late July 2017, as RAND Boats likes to take their time building their boats to ensure maximum quality and reliability. Expect to see this gorgeous sport yacht cruising along the shores of Monaco this summer.

RAND Sport 26 side view

RAND Sport 26 top viewRAND Sport 26 rear view