REBELLION Timepieces Enters Dakar 2021

REBELLION Timepieces Enters Dakar 2021 - TheArsenale

The Dakar Rally of 2021's official timekeeper is Rebellion Timepieces, an extraordinary automotive event that runs from the 3rd of January up to the 15th. This is one of the most exciting and adventurous motorsports evens, taking us through the massive deserts of Saudi Arabia up to Hajez.

Cars, drivers and mechanics are all put to the extreme test of endurance through the harsh terrain, everyone and everything is pushed to its absolute limits. Instead of sitting in the back and watching the event unfold before their eyes, REBELLION Timepieces' president Alexandre Pesci decided to enter the competition himself. Joining the 2021 Dakar Rally with two cars, one in Alexandre's hands and the other with Romain Dumas. It's Alexandre's first race and with a short period of 10 days of test driving and thorough physical exercise, he entered the competition after encouraging results.

REBELLION's cars are based on the Dakar-winning Peugeot two-wheel drive chassis, powered by a N/A Ford Mustang V8. The vehicles were built according to the latest guidelines of the competition, with strictly defined weight and horsepower (400) figures. On the outside, the vehicle is covered in a modern black, white and red colorway.

We will be keeping our eyes on the fantastic race through the desert, hoping to see REBELLION claim a victory in the prestigious event. This participation has been celebrated with two limited timepieces, a Predator Chronograph and a Twenty-One Three Hands.

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