Rezvani Tank Enters TheArsenale

Rezvani Tank Enters TheArsenale - TheArsenale

Rezvani Tank was created by Ferris Rezvani, who aspired to be a fighter pilot but couldn't do so; so he created Rezvani Motors to create road going versions of fighter jets. Aircraft inspiration can be found everywhere, from the design of the cars to the emblem itself.

The Rezvani Tank is a luxurious, rugged and bulletproof machine made for the streets and the mountains alike. It features a sculpted bodywork that embodies its aggressive military roots with a crowd-stealing look. Big wheels, wide wheel arches, fat tires, aggressive front grille, deep cuts in the sides and a seemingly terrifying look from its headlights are its main characteristics on the outside. Despite being based on a Jeep Wrangler, you wouldn't know unless we told you so. Everything has been changed in a revolutionary way.\

The Tank can be customized to match your wildest dreams; 500 HP engine, 3 levels of bulletproofing and even a thermal vision system can be installed. This makes the Tank a suitable vehicle for military use but it might actually be the only one that would fit in the streets without causing fear of an invasion. Options include leather interiors, self retracting steps, premium sound and much more; making off-roading in this car a relaxing voyage. We have a few Tanks for grabs in our store so hurry up and customize yours for an automotive experience unlike anything else.