Rezvani Tank Military Edition - Weapons-Grade Luxury

Rezvani Tank Military Edition - Weapons-Grade Luxury - TheArsenale

The Rezvani Tank is an impressive, tailor-built SUV that offers so many customization options that it would be easy to get lost in them. The latest iteration by Rezvani, called the Military Edition is a buffed up version with weapons-grade protection.


It's easy to spot the inspiration behind the Military Edition, starting from its color. While the body of the car remains identical to the Tank, this one is specialized for military operations. The Desert Tan color matches the character and purpose of the vehicle; built for the road and designed for defense. Coming with an optional 707 HP Hellcat V8, this Tank is not capable of just taking shots; it's probably capable of outrunning them too. 


The exterior of the Military Edition is rated to Ballistics Level 7 armor, making it capable of stopping assault rifles and high caliber weapons. Delicate interior components like the radiator, battery and fuel tank are wrapped in kevlar while the underside is plated against explosive devices. The doors have magnetic dead-bolts and electrified door handles; preventing unauthorized access. The biggest surprise comes with the interior; a posh leather-lined interior reminiscent of some of the world's most expensive SUVs. It also has military-grade gas masks, first-aid kit and hypothermia kits for the most intense emergencies. 


The list of military features hasn't even started yet and trust us, it's extensive. If you're somehow being tracked by assaulters, a smoke screen is available for deployment with the push of the button. The military grade tires are capable of handling all sorts of terrains with maximum puncture resistance. Both front and rear are equipped with blinding lights to blind trackers. A Siren/PA system is built into the car along with a full intercom system and strobe lights to communicate with external threats without having to leave the vehicle. In complete darkness, the thermal night vision system from FLIR displays heat signatures as well as the standard night-vision. 

The extensive list of features sort of makes the name of the vehicle self-explanatory. From B7 level armor to smoke screens, you have all the features you would need in the warzone with the performance, comfort and aesthetics of a luxury SUV. The Military Edition is available for reserve at Rezvani's official website over here.