Ringbrothers 1971 DeTomaso Pantera ADRNLN built in collaboration with NIKE

Ringbrothers 1971 DeTomaso Pantera ADRNLN built in collaboration with NIKE - TheArsenale
The DeTomaso Pantera created a stir when it first made its public debut at the New York motor show back in 1970. Combining Italian styling cues with american horsepower, the car was both easy on the eye at and blindingly fast on the road. Ringbrothers captured the attention of car enthusiasts with the debut of ‘ADRNLN’ – a re-imagined take on the ‘Pantera’ created in collaboration with NIKE. When Ringbrothers first laid eyes on this particular 1971 ‘Pantera’, it was in rough condition. A chance meeting with NIKE’s ‘Innovation Skunk Works’ design team brought a new direction to the project. Members of the team first met the Brothers at the 2012 SEMA show where they were impressed with their level of craftsmanship, handle on materials manipulation, and keen eye for modern product aesthetics. After a trip to the shop, the team of innovators collaborated with the brothers to bring the car to life with an elegant aesthetic. At the heart of the ‘ADRNLN’ lies a Wegner Motorsports ‘LS3’ pumping out 600 hp through a ZF five-speed manual gearbox from Bowler Performance  transmissions; almost as quick as the otherworldly EQUUS BASS770. The Pantera’s signature roar is created by a pair of Flowmaster stainless steel mufflers. That power gets put to the ground through a set of HRE ‘S101’ three-piece forged wheels, shod in Nitto ‘Invo’ tires, with stopping power produced by Baer six-piston calipers at each corner. The interior presents individualized colors and material experiences unique to both the driver and passenger – The driver’s highlighting performance fit, and the passenger’s emphasizing confident simplicity and superior comfort.