Rover Aero by BOTE

Rover Aero by BOTE - TheArsenale

The Rover Aero Paddleboard by BOTE is one of the most capable inflatable boats out there. It is small and structurally capable of fitting inside a bag. 

But do not let those facts fool you, this is a powerhouse. The inflatable Rover Aero can support up to 500 lbs of weight. Built out of military-grade PVC and reinforced with Drop Stitch technology, the paddleboard is nearly indestructible once inflated. It is incredibly easy to inflate it thanks to the AeroGo rechargeable electric pump that comes with it. In case of faults, you can use the provided hand pump. 


One of the most impressive features of the Rover Aero is its capability to convert to a engine powered vessel in seconds. It comes with a Moto Rac and two Moto Rac Receivers that serve as the housing for an outboard motor if that's your will. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Rover Aero is perfectly maneuverable with the provided paddles that can be adjustable to your prefered length. A Sandspear Sheat stores the Sandspear that lets you anchor the board. 


What's the most impressive is how the Rover Aero fits into one bag that securely stores all of the necessities for your paddleboard. The provided Remora bag attaches to the top of the bag to store your accessories securely. If you're looking to travel overseas and explore water bodies with the Rover Aero; the Travel Bag weighs just 85 lbs which makes it airplane friendly and the Remora bag weighs only 24.5 lbs which also makes it possible to take it with you in long distance travel.


For a paddleboard that rolls up into a bag, inflates and deflates on command and is capable of housing an outboard motor; the Rover Aero is an impressive package that will suit all your water exploring needs.