SeaBubbles is an innovative startup that brings a new approach to marine transportation, founded by Alain Thébault and Anders Bringdal in 2016. Making waves in sustainable mobility, their mission is to design and manufacture revolutionary flying hydrofoil boats. These vessels, the size of conventional boats, promise to redefine our concept of water transport by leveraging advanced hydrofoil design. This propelling force allows the boats to 'fly' above the water, significantly reducing drag and thereby increasing speed and efficiency.

The SeaBubbles hydrofoil is a novel addition to the ecological transportation field. Demonstrating an impressive commitment to sustainability, the Seabubble's flying boats are not only zero-emission but also produce no waves and no noise. It's a disruption in water transport, harnessing the power of electric propulsion to glide smoothly and silently over the water surface. This makes it an extremely fitting solution for areas like Lake Annecy in France, as SeaBubbles continues to share its vision of green mobility with the world.

Born from the mind of a sailor who has previously designed and piloted, Alain Thébault, the company has its roots planted firmly in marine expertise. Recently showcasing their boat on Lake Annecy in France, the vessel demonstrated the possibilities of a hybrid battery/hydrogen-powered design. It's a testament to what can be achieved when innovative design meets a commitment to sustainability - a true game-changer in the world of boat manufacturing. Hydrofoil design has had to navigate between two conflicting demands: weight and power requirements, but SeaBubbles seems to have found a sustainable balance. A future with SeaBubbles suggests a cleaner and quieter means to navigate our waterways, with no negative impact on the environment.