SEAir x LMDC, the Airborne Future of Boats

SEAir x LMDC, the Airborne Future of Boats - TheArsenale

In naval engineering, foils are used to lift the hull of the boat over the surface of the water. This has been the conception of them until now, but SEAir wanted to put them to use on a rigid bodied inflatable boat. Foils offer many advantages in the open water; stability, comfort and reduced fuel consumption. 

seair foil

After years of research and development, SEAir is offering a solution for all naval projects that are looking to improve their vessels. The automatic foil systems will greatly improve stability and comfort, lower engine load and also give you a thrilling experience sailing above the water. Around 30% of energy consumption will be avoided altogether, making for a perfect sailing experience. These foil systems can be installed on existing boats for all kinds of purposes; leisure, crusing or regatta. 

seair lmdc art boat

A very special edition of this system is created in collaboration with French artist/entrepreneur Louis-Marie de Castelbajac. Being born in a pot of creativity and creation, he learned to use all the mediums available to him to create art. His elegant way of creating art together with the avant-garde knowledge of SEAair brought to life this timelessly classic boat, covered in a special paint scheme. The vivid paint scheme together with the new technology are nothing like the naval world has seen before. Dubbed "Ortolan" for its elegance and rarity, it is the incarnation of taking flight on water. 

seair x lmdc art boat