Sotera Motorcycle Helmet Concept

Sotera Motorcycle Helmet Concept - TheArsenale

Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate form of freedom. It is the closest thing we have to flying through space (no, sitting in a box in the sky doesn't count). But it comes with its risk, which are often mitigated by taking protective measures such as body armor and helmets.

Helmets have come a long way since their conception and now are the most important piece of gear in a motorcyclist's arsenal. Protective technology has evolved and shell materials have gotten stronger and lighter. To make helmets even more protective, Joe Doucet imagined the Sotera helmet. It doesn't use any expensive materials for its construction. Instead, it uses a smart bottom panel that's connected to an accelerometer. The responsive area turns white when accelerating and red when braking. When the bike is at rest, the helmet will turn off. This way, drivers around you will be aware of your motion and it will make you very noticeable in the eyes and mirrors of everyone.