StarkBoard - Lean and Leap Forward

StarkBoard - Lean and Leap Forward - TheArsenale

Nowadays everything is being electrified; from push-kick scooters to bikes and even skateboards. The StarkBoard is the newest addition to the army of electric skateboards but it separates itself from all the other competitors with a smart way of controlling it.

Unlike other electric boards, the StarkBoard doesn't use a remote to control acceleration and braking. Instead of that, the board uses a gyroscope, weight and motion sensors to detect your movement and force applied to the board. By leaning forward, the sensors detect that you want to move forward and the braking works in the same way by leaning back and slowing down the board. It only takes a few minutes to learn the riding experience and once you get the hang of it; you'll never want to step down from it.

StarkBoard is also very well designed. The board itself features a headlight and stoplight that will also notify pedestrians, drivers and riders of your intended movements. The deck itself features cutouts on both sides that make it quite easy for you to carry the board around when it's not being used. To handle more than just smooth asphalt, Stark used special wheels that are able to tackle rougher terrain. A full charge of the battery will last you for 20 Km and with a top speed of 32 km/h, it's quite a blast to ride.

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