Suzuki Jimny Gets a Mean Character by WALD

Suzuki Jimny Gets a Mean Character by WALD - TheArsenale

The cute little Suzuki Jimny is probably one of the most charismatic SUVs out there. It comes in a fun sized package and it is incredibly powerful for a car that makes you want to throw flowers at it. Despite it's rather soft, friendly looks; the Jimny is a capable off-roader that most often takes you where you'd never expect it to.


With the arrival of the new Jimny, the design got updated to a more retro-inspired look with softened yet square-ish proportions. This made space for WALD of Japan to enter and work their magic into the car. Thanks to the boxy design of the new Jimny, WALD was able to create an aggressive 4x4 called Black Bison. To make it happen, they created a custom bumper, twin-scoop hood and a front grille. Further enhancing the look are the fender flares which add width to the silhouette. The finishing touches include mean looking off-road tires paired with red accents. 


The already classic SUV is a great platform for customizers to start with. There are no details about the pricing of the Jimny by WALD but we are surely clinging on to our seats trying to resist buying it.