Embrace the thrill of Tesla's innovation in a pint-sized package with the Cyberquad for Kids. This alluring all-electric four-wheel ride-on toy isn't just a child's play; it's a miniature marvel reflecting the bold design of the iconic Tesla Cybertruck. Constructed with a robust steel frame and sporting a cushioned seat for comfort, the Cyberquad promises both safety and fun. Designed to captivate the young enthusiasts aged 9 to 12, this electric quad bike harnesses a 500W motor and a 36V lithium-ion battery, ensuring up to 15 miles of range on a single charge. In terms of performance, it is no slouch either, as it can reach a dazzling top speed of 10 mph, which can be moderated with a High/Low Speed Switch for a safer ride at 5 mph.

Prioritizing visibility, the Cyberquad for Kids is equipped with dazzling LED headlight and taillight bars, reminiscent of its full-scale Cybertruck counterpart, delivering style and safety in equal measure. The rear disk braking system rounds up its rich array of features, putting control comfortably in the driver's small hands. Tesla further ensures peace of mind for parents, as the product meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Standards for ride-on toys, certified under ASTM F963, and is not intended for use as a youth ATV. Noteworthy modifications from its predecessor, Model 914, include a new age range recommendation, the addition of a crucial tire pressure warning with an ANSI Z535-formatted warning decal, and a refreshed product warning label solidifying its status as a youth ride-on toy exclusively.

However, the Cyberquad for Kids is an exclusive Tesla owner privilege. It bounds adventure with exclusivity by necessitating the purchaser to be a bona fide Tesla vehicle owner. One must sign into their Tesla account linked to their vehicle to verify this status before dreaming of adding it to their cart. With orders set to start shipping in late November 2023, the buzz for the Cyberquad for Kids is palpable. While out of stock at the moment, interested buyers can await an email notification for restocking, ensuring they don't miss the chance to extend the Tesla experience to the next generation of adventurers.