Tesla E-Vision GT Concept Boat - Pure Marine Experience

Tesla E-Vision GT Concept Boat - Pure Marine Experience

We've seen numerous Tesla concepts being thrown around the internet like hot potatoes; like the T1 Concept  we've covered before. It's the first time that we see a Tesla concept without wheels; the E-Vision GT Concept Boat. 


Created by Moroccan designer Belkharmoudi Aziz; the boat is a futuristic take on what a Tesla boat could look like. Powered by two Model S P100D engines with a joint output of 1,800 hp, the 18 meter long boat is not a slow one at all. Capable of a top speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 30, we can only imagine how peaceful the sound of water sounds at that speed without the engine noise. By using CFRP composite reinforced with Kevlar, the body of the vessel has a very low weight.


The interior of the boat is quite spacious and can accommodate up to 8 people surrounded by a posh wood veneer covered surface. To make the boat as sustainable as possible, the deck has built in solar panels that charge the boat on the go. What do you think of this concept? A electric boat makes a lot of sense, imagine a quiet ride at 40 knots in calm waters. Elon Musk, we think you need to add this to your To-Do list. 


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