27North is set to revolutionize the overlanding scene with its newest offering for the adventure enthusiasts - the 2023 RexRover. Engineered based on the Ford F-150 Super Cab, the RexRover marries an uncompromising spirit of rugged durability with luxurious comfort, promising an unparalleled off-the-road experience. Notably, its monolithic fiberglass shell keeps it sturdy yet lightweight, contributing to its slender 7,500 lbs weight, much lighter than an average Class B RV. Kitted with all-terrain tires, a 10-ft electric awning for shelter, and a handy ladder for roof access, the RexRover's exterior is as practical as it gets. Moreover, the vehicle's outdoor compartments provide ample space for accommodating camping gear and other adventure necessities.

Stepping inside the RexRover, the sense of expansive comfort immediately strikes. Despite its sturdy exterior, the truck can comfortably house up to five people with a well-space-optimized layout that includes a large bedroom and a convertible dinette. The interiors also come with a well-equipped kitchen, a wet bath, and considerable storage facilities, ensuring that functionality isn't sacrificed for the sake of luxury. Whether you are on a family camping trip or an adrenaline-fueled expedition, cruising in the RexRover will indeed feel like home on wheels.

The RexRover doesn't stop at just the basics. To add an extra layer of convenience to your off-road journeys, 27North has thoughtfully installed upgraded stainless steel appliances, which include a coffee machine for the caffeine aficionados and a washing machine for extended trips. Generous countertop space makes cooking and other utilities a breeze while the wet bath integrates a convenient shower and cassette toilet. With its superior features and comforts, the 2023 RexRover promises to forge a new standard in overlanding adventures.

📷: 27NORTH