The Ferrari F40 Tribute is a Modern Take on The Italian Icon

The Ferrari F40 Tribute is a Modern Take on The Italian Icon - TheArsenale

Once upon a time, the F40 was Ferrari's most powerful and expensive car out there. Nowadays, it pales in digit comparison to today's cars but it still remains one of the most legendary cars to sport the prancing horse badge.


Ever since its limited run ended in 1992, enthusiasts have been longing for another taste of F40. To quench the thirst of such enthusiasts, artist Samir Sadikhov created a vision of what a new F40 would look like; dubbing it the F40 Tribute. To him, the F40 is a combination of racing genes and minimalism that creates a very lovable character for the ride. All of the features of the old F40 are present in the new one without having been copied directly, rather adapted to the evolved design of supercars nowadays. 


Sadikhov took an entire year to finish this concept, taking care of every single detail and rendering it to perfection. The details do not end there, with the designer having also designed a monocoque structure for the F40 Tribute. Sadikhov said that as a petrolhead designer, he aimed to keep the soul and spirit of the original F40; which he apparently has done very well. Click here to discover more.