The New Rezvani Tank is Locked and Loaded

The New Rezvani Tank is Locked and Loaded - TheArsenale

We first set eyes on the Rezvani Tank in November 2017 and the chamfered design left an everlasting silhouette in our memory. After two successful years, Rezvani Motors has introduced a redesign for the Tank. 

The massive hood of the Rezvani tank stores within itself a powerful beating heart, a supercharged 6.2L V8 sourced from a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. While the car remains heavily inspired by aircraft design, it is down to earth when it comes to upgrades which can range from 3 bulletproofing levels to EMP protection. Working closely with Fox Racing, they developed a suspension system that promises exhilarating performance off-road. The lighting both front and rear gets an elegant upgrade with LED strips running across them at all angles. The outline of the car remains the same pouncing stance of a predator; ready to jump on its prey with 1,000 horses to back itself up. 

Deliveries for this car will start this winter and you can secure your own spot too with a $2,500 refundable deposit.