The Pointer Instrument Redefines Mice

The Pointer Instrument Redefines Mice - TheArsenale

When it comes to computer gadgets, design usually revolves around ergonomics and cramming features in a small, useful package. For Lunar Artefacts, this was simply overplayed. 

Instead, they focused on turning a simple gadget such as the mouse into a work of art. They decided to call it Pointer Instrument, a name that hints at the purposeful design. 18 months were spent on research, design, and prototyping. The results is a mouse unlike anything we've ever seen, which is exactly the reason why you're reading about a mouse in our magazine. 

It is built with premium materials, starting from the metal base which will age and develop a patina through its years of use. Topped with supple leather, this mouse feels just right to use. You don't grab it, you rest on it. It then easily slides under your control for a smooth experience. The premium materials translate to longevity and personality. And the whole package seems like it went through rigorous wind-tunnel testing to get the best shape possible. We don't see Lunar Artefacts competing with major gadget manufacturers as they might be playing the same game but they are on a whole different league. 

You can get yours over on their Kickstarter page over here!