The Runge RS Racer - The hand shaped '50s racer

The Runge RS Racer - The hand shaped '50s racer - TheArsenale

Runge Cars is the garage Christopher Runge, former snowboarder turned out to be a real master when it comes to hand-built automobiles, founded in Minnesota. It is not even actually a garage in truth: it is a barn, but never judge a book by it's cover, because what comes out of that anonymous Minnesota barn will blow your mind.



Chris passions for post-war racing Porsches and metal shaping made him take the decision of giving up a professional snowboarder career and start building hand-shaped aluminium foil chassis vintage cars from zero.


The Runge RS racer is the product of a year-long building process and was completed in fall 2016. It is simply everything a late ‘50s racer represent and it isn’t hard to understand, as the same Christofer admits, the design was inspired by legendary cars such as the 718 RSK and the 550 Spyder ‘’with Maserati and Ferrari styling cues”.


Only thing you will miss in a car like this is comfort and a newly built air-cooled flat four-cylinder engine capable of 159 horsepower and two hand-crafted smoked leather seats are all the technology you can count on, driving the RS racer.

Runge is taking 3 orders per year since this masterpiece requires a lot of work to be completed and if you want one, you just need to list yours on ebay right for $75,000.