The Viba Qora Launches Exclusively on TheArsenale

The Viba Qora Launches Exclusively on TheArsenale - TheArsenale

The Viba Qora was unveiled at this year's Concours D'Elegance at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille. This limited production motorcycle is constructed using the highest quality materials and everything has been designed and prototyped on computers before being made. All of the parts are crafted with extreme precision by CNC machines and 3D printers.

viba qora

The Qora is VIBA's second limited-production run, with the Lara 800 being its predecessor. Unlike the Lara, the Qora comes in a powerful bobber silhouette. It is based on the newest Triumph Bonneville Bobber T120 and comes in a dark-as-night color scheme. Yann Bakonyi of VIBA designed all the bits and parts with attention to details. To create the blank canvas for his creation, he had to strip the bike down to the essentials.

viba qora chantilly bugatti antlantic

After the Qora was designed and imagined on a computer screen, the first component to be created was the new aluminium fuel tank. The flattened tank complements the aggressive lines defined by the fork covers. Up front, a LED headlight housed in a 3D printed shell is tucked inside the triple clamps. A well-designed stealthy fender is installed in the front to maintain the clean look. The wheels are milled out of alloy and create a beautiful illusion once the motorcycle is in motion. 

viba qora

The VIBA Qora is the ultimate motorcycle for the enthusiast. It is limited, it is built to perfection and it doesn't break the bank. A combination of ageless bobber styling and advanced research & development lead to the creation of the Qora, a beautiful machine for the lucky few.

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