Torsus Praetorian - Heavy Duty People Mover

Torsus Praetorian - Heavy Duty People Mover - TheArsenale

The Torsus® Praetorian is the world's first heavy-duty, off-road capable bus that's ready to transport both personnel and equipment through all sorts of terrain.


The Praetorian is powered by a 6.9 liter, 6 cylinder in-row diesel mated to a MAN Tip-Matic semi-automatic gear box. The 240 hp and 925 Nm are delivered via a 4x4 drive system that is electronically limited to 117 km/h. Thanks to its high-capacity 100 liter tank, it is capable of covering long distances atop its Michelin XZL TL tires. Braking is handled by a MAN Brake Matic ABS system with drum brakes that grips the behemoth to the ground.


But the Praetorian is not impressive only on the outside, it is impressive on the inside as well. There is a maximum of 35 seats on the inside which can host a large number of personnel. A central heating and air-conditioning system take care of the atmosphere on the bus' interior. For long trips, a DVD system with a central front display is installed along with speakers mounted into the luggage racks. 

While the bus is built with personnel and equipment transport in mind; we can't help but think of transforming it into a luxurious mobile home. Its monstrous power and large interior space can be put to good use with some interior conversion.