Toyota's GR Super Sport - Race car for the road

Toyota's GR Super Sport - Race car for the road

Toyota's performance racing division, Gazoo Racing has unveiled plans of development for a road-going super car based on the WEC 

TS050 Hybrid car. The race car uses a hybrid combination of engines with a total power output of 986 hp. 

The new GR Super Sports Concept will use the same configuration; a twin-turbo, 2.4 liter V6 hybrid engine. It has become the trend for companies to bring racing cars to the road with companies like Mercedes Benz, McLaren and Aston Martin releasing their road-going race machines. 

Gazoo Racing has unveiled plans to develop sports cars from race cars so we can expect quite some new entries in the sport car market. It will certainly take time but the GR Super Sport Concept allows us to catch a slight glimpse at what these crazy machines could do on the streets. Just like their other performance cars, they will feature the GRMN label (Gazoo Racing Masters of the Nurburgring). 

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