Transparent Speaker by People People

Transparent Speaker by People People - TheArsenale

Anything that comes from Scandinavia is bound to have a clean design. Presenting the Transparent Speaker, designed and developed by People People in Stockholm, Sweden.

It is quite possibly the simplest looking speaker, with a see-through design that allows you to see all the internals that bring beautiful music to life via vibrations. The Transparent Speaker wasn't designed to be just a good speaker but also a timeless interior object. Even if you don't use it for its purpose (you should), it serves as a beautiful interior decor object. It has a modular construction so every living bit of the speaker can be replaced.

The audio quality is quite good too with a flat frequency rate; aiming to provide a neutral sound experience with rich bass, crisp highs and a clear mid range. You can control the bass and treble in the front panel which also houses an AUX port. There's also an AUX port in the back.

The speaker has just come back for a re-run in 2018 so hurry up and pre-order it.